Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Is English important?

Listening to the radio the past couple of mornings on my drive to work (about an hour and a quarter!), there has been a lot of chatter regarding the teaching of English.

New government rules mean kids taking GCSE’s will need a better understanding of English to get the best grades.

Some teachers believe this is putting more obstacles in the way of our children getting the best grades and that, for example, students studying science “do not need to have a good understanding of English”!

I’d like to consider that for a moment.

If we told our learners that they didn’t have to know how to spell correctly then the written word would, in time, become redundant. The same would be true for grammar, pronunciation and punctuation.

Whilst I will freely admit to making errors with both the spoken and written word (I trained as a designer and we have ‘previous’ with our lack of discipline in this area!) I still try hard to get it right, even half a century after I first started my learning journey.

If we only had the spoken word, think of the implications.

signs become pointless
No road signs. (Safety would be compromised, so not good!)
No more great literature.
No more computers (code)
No menu’s (I’m writing this at lunchtime, sorry)
No more just about anything

And, certainly no more messages that all you lovely brand managers want to get across so, no more jobs.
without words, this would never have taken place!
No more flying banners for us to make for you (but we can print quality images so maybe some work still for us) or any other of the great ideas Expandasign can bring to your brand with the printed word.

So, I think English Language does matter. But there again, I am only a designer!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Stopping the Sun and the Rain

I don’t want to be a killjoy, but now the ‘monsoon’ season seems to have slowed down somewhat, we still have to think about protecting our heads from above.

Not from the rain, but the Sun.

If you can combine both with the same piece of equipment, then so much the better. If you can perform both these functions while getting across your branding message too, then woohoo, this is just the thing for you.

More companies than ever are using branded Gazebos, in combination with their Flying Banners, to get the corporate message across at their own or other organised events. The key thing here for customers, is that they are getting out there to see you!
 Strong (that's the Gazebo not the 'numpties')

At Expandasign, you know we will always use the best hardware. We have two types of gazebo frame. Standard & Premium. We have all the accessories to go with them like weights, half-wall rails, table sections etc as well as coming in different sizes.
Print to inside, as well as outside.
We also have excellent printing, as you’ve come to expect from us, in both single-sided and double-sided formats.

So if you want to get your message across, inside and out (saves having to cart other printed materials around!) then give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Never be afraid to ask

                                                    Sporting Social Hanging Cylindrical

We have, for over 10 years now, had some strange requests from left field as to whether we can do this or that.

Sometimes we have already done, so can point to actual examples.

Often we can say no we don’t, but there’s no reason why not and so do, and on the very odd occasion where we can’t, we will invariably know a man that can.

However, sometimes we get thrown a curved ball that just makes us go Doh! Why aren’t we offering this already?

And so today it was thus. One of our longstanding resellers phoned us and asked if we can print our hanging Cylindrical banners double-sided?

I paused and processed this question.

And this is how it went in my head.

Can we? Of course we can. The same way we make our double-sided Flying Banners? Yep, no reason not to. Will it stop the cylindrical folding properly? No, of course not, don’t be silly. Are there any downsides? No.

This took but a couple of seconds, so I could answer in the affirmative.

Maybe I ought to tell you too that we can also infill the bottom of these Cylindricals too, with or without printing.

                             Clever Retail Use                              Corporate Branding

These are versatile display products to get a message across and with the Exhibition season now getting into full swing, a cost effective solution worthy of consideration.

But the main point to all this is never be afraid to ask if we can do something you can’t find on our website. Maybe you’ll ask for something we should have already thought of too!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

How long will they last? (Or, How to look after your Banners!)

It’s getting to that point in the year again.

The Sun is beginning to slowly, after all that rain, tentatively show itself and spear shafts of light through trees and between buildings.
Enough of all that. What we know is that the outdoor event season will very soon be upon us and we all want it to go as smoothly as possible.

This means for some of us, checking our event equipment to make sure it’s all in good working order.
It’s no different for us and our Flying, Wing and Feather banners. With a little bit of TLC and attention, these will last for still more years to come.

Let’s walk you through some of the checks and small servicing tasks that need to be done.

Firstly, the printed fabric.

Were these last put away in a dry condition? If not, get them out, layout on a flat surface and check that the print is ok and that there is no ink transfer. (if there is, that will be a live with it or, get a new fabric. Sorry!) If just a bit grubby/muddy/slightly mildew they can be washed at 40 degrees on a quick gentle cycle, medium spin.

If you don’t have to do any of this then check around the fabric for any loose threads and that there are no holes, especially in the banding that takes the poles. If there are any here, they’ll have been caused by the band rubbing on another surface so a repeat of this is to be avoided. Smaller than a pole tip they can be stitched. Bigger and it’ll be a new fabric.
         Rolling up a banner fabric & pole set               Banner & poles in their bag
Now the Hardware.

Firstly, make sure you have a full compliment of parts. If you’re unsure, contact us and we’ll let you know what you had and when. Our records go back more than 10 years and we often get called on to use them!

For stakes and any rotating spindle, after cleaning off any caked on mud, make sure they still rotate. A little oil will not go amiss in the bearing and some grease/Vaseline around the base and underside of the spindle will minimise any water getting in.  If necessary, replacements for these items are always in stock as they tend to get ‘lost’ many times more than they are bent or broken!

For pole sets, make sure there are no cracks or breaks that will prevent them being used to full effect. We can replace (as stated in a previous blog) any individual pole section.

Where the poles join together, this method of fixing is a tapered friction joint. The male section should be lightly rubbed down with very fine sandpaper or emery cloth, once a year, to stop them sticking.
Lightly rub the pole joint with fine sandpaper or emery cloth
So, once you done these cursory checks and servicing, you’re ready to for another season. Good Luck.

If you’ve got any top tips that work for you, please share them too. Thanks.